The Benefit of "Water for Life" is not only healthy Water for life but...

• Free product upgrades
• Free shipping
• Lifetime warranty
• New cartridges every six months


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Water for lifeAgua Por VidaWater for LifeWater for Life.

Healthy Drinking Water “FOR LIFE” for less then _ cents per litre

Clean Water Made Easy.

Clean water is essential to healthy living, and our filters are designed to provide you with the cleanest water available. Filtration systems only require an ongoing supply of fresh cartridges every 6 months to ensure purity and with our water for life scheme we take care of the hassle of having to get new filters or remembering when a replacement is due.

When you become a member of Water for Life® we arrange for replacement filters to be delivered (free mainland Spain) direct to your door on time every six months. Simply put, Water for Life is clean water made easy. As a member, you can enjoy the benefits of water filtration with none of the hassle.

Of course there are many people who do not live in Spain all year, we can make a tailored made plan just for you.

This is not a contract. You may cancel your membership at any time and there are no ongoing obligations, charges or credits due from you to Agua Saludable or to you by Agua Saludable.

The Benefits.

Like any filter, whether it be the filter in your central heating and air conditioning system or the oil filter in your car, water filter cartridges must be replaced at the appropriate time in order to get the desired results. The problem most of us have is remembering when these cartridges are supposed to be replaced and finding the time to get around to replacing them. The Water-4-Life program is designed to not only remind you when to replace the filter cartridges, but also to make it easy for you and to reward you for using this convenient program with special benefits and discounts.

How it works

When you sign up on the Water-4-Life program you will automatically receive fresh, new replacement filter cartridges every six months, delivered (free mainland Spain) directly to your door, with easy to follow replacement instructions paying the regular price of €55 (countertop cartridge set), or €50 (shower filter cartridge), with free delivery on mainland Spain .

You get FREE shipping, fresh cartridges every 6 months and a LIFETIME Warranty!

water for life guaranteeAn added incentive

The Water-4-Life program also offers periodic special member discount
promotions and product upgrade notices to keep your Aquasana filter system in new condition. You will receive standard upgrade parts such as new o-rings and washers with each new filter cartridge shipment. The lifetime warranty is full coverage of the unit for as long as you are enrolled in the program. We will replace any part, even if the damage is your fault, for free.

The Water for Life enrolment form is included with each product or you can sign up here in one easy step.

Filtered water for life